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 Global Morocco Exploration  Summer Program “Learn Arabic in Morocco” is designed for college or high school students from English-speaking countries who are 18 or older. During the program, GME will take participants on a discovery of Moroccan hospitality and its cultural diversity, within ancient cities, and in the heart of Berber villages in the Atlas Mountains and the Rif Mountains.

Upon arrival in Morocco, the GME team will welcome and greet participants at the Casablanca International Airport. Throughout the program, participants will learn Arabic and will practice speaking Arabic with their host family members and friends, as well as engage in panel discussions with Moroccan students and guest speakers. They will be accompanied with a Moroccan teacher who will teach the participant Arabic Language follwing an accadimic approach in teaching 
Participants will take part and contribute to a number of community service projects, such as  teaching English to primary and middle school students in rural areas.
In addition to these leadership activities, a portion of the program will include a variety of captivating excursions and experiences.
Program Highlights
1. Meet and engage in community service projects with youth and women's associations.
2. Learn and practice Arabic through language immersion with homestay family members and locals.
3. Enjoy the rich diversity of Moroccan landscape and connect with nature in the Middle Atlas Mountains and the Rif Mountains
4. Experience traditional Moroccan food and personal connection in a family homestay.
5. Explore the unique, vibrant street life of historic medinas in Rabat, Chefchaouen, Tetouan and Fez.
6. Engage in personal conversations with Moroccan.

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